Sean Avery In Talks With Swedish Club

April 17, 2012

Sean Avery is reportedly going to resume his hockey career in Sweden.

Apparently Sean Avery will have to go down and grab the skates he said he threw into the Hudson River upon his retirement this spring.

According to Sweden’s Alftonbladet, Avery is in discussions to join Karlskrona HK, a second tier Swedish team.

The motivation for Avery – who always seemed to be just as comfortable near as fashion runway as on the ice – is unknown. Officials with Karlskrona HK have not confirmed they are talking to Avery but say they are in talks with an “intriguing name.”


Rangers Cut Ties With Sean Avery, Dubinsky Has Sinuses

March 7, 2012

According to several reports, the Rangers’ organization has told Sean Avery to stay away from the Connecticut Whale. The organization told the feisty 31-year-old winger that he would not be on the team’s playoff roster, and while he’s at it, not to report to practice or games anymore.

What does this mean? Well, it basically speeds up the inevitable. The relationship between Avery and the Rangers was going to end July 1, when his contract with the team expired. There was no way he would be brought back, even if he agreed to play for designer clothing.

It’s a shame it ended this way because Avery contributed a lot to this team, especially in his first stint under Tom Renney. It just didn’t work out with John Tortorella, and there was no way it would. 

Onto hockey-related news, Brandon Dubinsky left last night’s 4-1 loss to the New Jersey Devils after mixing it up with Ryan Carter with sinus trouble. It was originally believed to be a hand injury.

“Just didn’t feel well; got hit in the nose pretty hard,” Tortorella told the NY Post. “[He is] just having some problems with his sinuses; just isn’t on top of it. So he took today off.”

I originally believed it would be a concussion, as Dubinsky got his rear-end handed to him big time. Glad it’s just sinuses. 

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Rangers Could Play Avery on Re-Entry Today

February 25, 2012

According to the NY Post, the Rangers may place forward Sean Avery on re-entry waivers Before you start celebrating, this isn’t the first step to seeing Avery back on Broadway.

The Post is reporting the Rangers would have to decide by this morning to place No. 16 back on re-entry to allow him the chance to play in the NHL again if he is picked up. If a team does claim him, the Rangers would be charged about $200,000 against the cap for the remainder of the season.

If Avery goes unclaimed, the Rangers would simply put him back on waivers and he’d be returned to the AHL, where he hasn’t played a game for the Connecticut Whale since late January.

I like the Rangers giving Sean another shot at the NHL. I still think he could have helped this team if he were given more of a chance this season, but it is what it is. He loved playing here and really never took a shift off, or never really became a distraction off the ice. 

That often gets forgotten when think about Avery. I don’t believe he’s as bad as people make him out to be all over one dumb remark he made four years ago. I can’t speak for all Rangers fans, but I really appreciate the work and dedication he put in during every shift. Also, who will ever forget his battles — and often victories — over Martin Brodeur.

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Rangers Deny Avery Spitting on Whale Coach

January 14, 2012

A rumor surfaced via Twitter earlier in the week that Sean Avery spit on Connecticut Whale head coach Ken Gernander, but the New York Rangers said the isn’t true. first reported the rumor following Avery being scratched Friday night from the Whales’ game.

The Rangers denied the rumor, stating Avery hasn’t spit on anyone.

Avery took to Twitter to defend himself Saturday afternoon, saying “Try not to BELIEVE everything u read. Gentlemen don’t spit.”

Rumors follow this guy around everywhere. I guess that’s why New York loves him. Like Avery said, you can’t believe everything you hear. 

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Rupp Makes it East to Forget Avery

January 2, 2012

Three days ago, Mike Rupp rained fists down on Florida Panthers forward Tomas Kopecky after he sucker-punched Michael Del Zotto at the end of a 4-1 Rangers victory in Sunrise. Today, he scored two goals in the Winter Classic against the Philadelphia Flyers to erase a 2-0 deficit late in the second period.

After two memorable moments in Rangers blue, could Rangers fans quickly forget the name Sean Avery?

There’s no questioning the love for Avery amongst most Rangers fans; his in-your-face attitude and loud-mouth made him an instant fan favorite following the trade in February 2007 from the Los Angeles Kings, and again in 2009 when he was claimed off re-entry waivers after being exiled from the Dallas Stars.

But the easiest way to forget about Avery, who was waived last week and is now playing for the Connecticut Whale of the AHL, is to find someone who does most of what Avery does, and even more effectively.

Rupp can fight, something he proven throughout his career and throughout his short tenure in New York. Rupp can talk, which Rangers fans saw first-hand on last week’s episode of HBO’s 24/7 series. And as the world learned today, Rupp can put the puck in the net.

Remember back when Aaron Voros replaced Avery after the 31-year-old winger signed a four-year deal in Dallas? Voros had a great October before fizzling off and many fans were fine with Avery’s departure. If Rupp could do the same, the name Sean Avery will be a distant memory.

Will Rupp be the new Avery? Probably not, but if he could continue to contribute with his stick and his fists, Rangers fans’ anger towards John Tortorella for banishing Avery from New York for good will most definitely wain.

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Sean Avery Clears Waivers, What is Next?

December 31, 2011

Sean Avery was placed on waivers for the second time this season last night. And today, for the second time, he cleared them, according to Rangers Report.

The 31-year-old winger will now report to the Connecticut Whale of the AHL, where he will most likely finish up the season and his four-year, $15-plus million deal he originally signed with the Dallas Stars.

There was some speculation — though mostly just internet rumors — that the New York Islanders may be interested in the agitator, but the risk seemed more than the reward, as Avery has said numerous times that he only wants to play for the Rangers.

In 15 games this season with the Rangers, Avery registered three goals, one more than Brandon Dubinsky has in 36 games this season, averaging about six minutes of ice a night.

According to several reports, the already poor relationship between Avery and head coach John Tortorella soured for good Dec. 10 after a 4-1 win against the Buffalo Sabres after Avery brought his mother and family friend into the Rangers’ locker room.

Tortorella said it was just a numbers game, as both Wojtek Wolski and Marc Staal are expected to return to the team along with their combined nearly $8 million in salary against the books.

So what is next for Avery? He’ll play out this season and be an unrestricted free agent come July 1. But as we’ve seen, his worth around the NHL seems to be non-existent. Would he head to Europe? I think he may call it quits and focus on his other interests in the Big Apple, including his restaurants and bars, as well as his fashion and status as a socialite. 

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Rangers Waive Sean Avery

December 30, 2011

The New York Rangers waived winger Sean Avery for the second time this season, ultimately ending the controversial wingers tenure in Manhattan.

Avery, 31, has been a healthy scratch every game since Dec. 10 in Buffalo. Before then, Avery was averaging about seven minutes a game, but still managed to score three goals in 15 games. He was placed on waivers prior to the start of the season before being recalled on Nov. 1.

According to Rangers Rants, coach John Tortorella was angered by Avery bringing his mother and a family friend into the team’s dressing room.

The move was made to free up a roster spot and cap-space as Wojtek Wolski is set to rejoin the team after a groin injury he suffered in the first handful of games this season. The other nominee for demotion would be Erik Christensen, who was kept over Avery for a second time this season.

Avery spoke to Larry Brooks at the New York Post, and said he could still be an asset for a team that is willing to give him a chance, if there are any suitors out there.

“I have a lot to prove, and I have a lot of game left after not being allowed to play my game for the last four years,” Avery told the Post. “I guarantee that I’ll play my ass off and give everything I have for the team that will give me the chance I wasn’t getting [by coach John Tortorella]. The team will be getting a guy who has a lot to prove.”

Avery admits there is a lot of baggage that comes with him, but if a coach and GM could look past it, he can contribute to a new organization. “I’m hungry to prove people wrong.”

The Post said Rangers GM Glen Sather gave Avery’s agent, Pat Morris, permission to reach out to GMs around the league to see if there is any interest before reporting to the AHL. If a team does claim him, they would be on the hook for $1.036 of Avery’s contract, with the Rangers and Dallas Stars splitting the rest.

Could the New York Islanders be the place Avery finds himself? Brooks said there could be off-ice value for the winger, value that could bring people to the Coliseum.

As a big Avery supporter, I’m pretty bummed but not as saddened as I was the first time around. The team is playing its best since maybe 1996, so to complain about a player not making much of a difference would be foolish.

With that said, I think Avery could have played a large role on this team if he was ever given a chance by Tortorella. I hope he gets picked up — but not by the Islanders. 

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