LeBrun Calls Rangers Front Runners

As a guest on TSN today, ESPN NHL Insider Pierre LeBrun was asked who he believed would land the big fish of the NHL Trade Deadline: Rick Nash. His answer? The New York Rangers.

He added that the Rangers are actually holding up other potential deals to see what happens with Nash, though how true that is is unknown.

Although LeBrun’s remarks will make headlines in Ranger land, both TSN analysts Bob McKenzie and Daren Dreger said he’d stay in Columbus or go the San Jose Sharks.

The Nash stuff is just getting bizarre at this point. I usually love trade season, but now I just want it to end. 

In the end, I don’t believe Nash will come here because I don’t think the Rangers are willing to part with too many of their top prospects, and that’s a good thing.

People saying the Jackets will have to lower their price are wrong. Nash isn’t a UFA. He’s there for the next six years. The Jackets could wait for the absolute perfect trade to ship out the only superstar that franchise has ever known. The notion that the Jackets have their backs against the wall is just untrue.

To move a player like Nash you have to get the return that your fanbase will say, ‘You know what? They made the right move.’ Rushing it to acquire Brandon Dubinsky and some prospects isn’t the right move for them, and in the end I don’t believe the Rangers will be willing to part with enough pieces to acquire Nash. I’ve been wrong before, though.

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