Dreger: Rangers Are Frontrunners for Nash

Well, more Rick Nash trade talk. This time, is Darren Dreger from TSN stating the Philadelphia Flyers are out of the Nash mix, and the Rangers have taken over as the frontrunners to land the 27-year-old Columbus Blue Jackets forward before Monday’s trade deadline.

Running out of things to say here. There have been so many rumored packages the Jackets want that it’s getting difficult to keep track. If Glen Sather could somehow find a way to keep Chris Kreider I could get behind the trade. It would be tough to lose a player like Brandon Dubinsky, but you have to give to get, and Nash is no doubt an upgrade over the Alaskan native.

There is just something about that cap hit and its implications down the road when many of the team’s core young players are due for raises in the coming seasons. I still don’t believe this team needs a big shakeup, but like all other bloggers and pundits, it’s out of my hands. Just have to hope for the best.

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