No Suspension for Lightning’s Dominic Moore

According to, Tampa Bay Lightning forward Dominic Moore will not be suspended for his cheap-shot against Ruslan Fedotenko. He will be fined $2,5000.

Fedotenko left Thursday night’s game and will not be playing this afternoon against the Philadelphia Flyers.

Moore, a former Ranger, targeted the head on a blind-side check to Fedotenko early in third period, which resulted in a two-minute minor for roughing.

“We’re still pretty angry about that,” said Brian Boyle. “That was a really, really dirty play.”

“He should take a look in the mirror because that was garbage,” Boyle said.

This is just another incident of the NHL still not getting it. Moore targeted Fedotenko’s head, and all indications are that Fedotenko suffered a concussion. What is the penalty? A slap on the wrist.

Brendan Shanahan came into the position and was handing out big-time suspensions. I don’t know what or who got in his way, but he’s gone soft. 

Part of the responsibility must fall on the players, most of which have no respect for the men they play with and are OK with trying to ruin careers. The league has turned into a bunch of goons with no disregard for each other’s safety.

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