Bad Call Costs Rangers, Fall 1-0 to Devils

I can’t comment on anything prior to 10 minutes remaining in the third period because I didn’t see any of it. But the big story here is the New York Rangers were the victims of bad luck against the New Jersey Devils for the second time in a week, as a horrific call prevented the Blueshirts from tying the game in its dying seconds.

With the Rangers down 1-0 after a first period goal by David Clarkson, New York appeared to tie it when Artem Anisimov put the puck in with about five seconds remaining. The goal, though, was waved off because of “goaltender interference.” The problem there is that Marian Gaborik was clearly pushed into Martin Brodeur by Anton Volchenkov. Simply put, it was a terrible call, and one that costs the Rangers at least one point in their chase for an Eastern Conference title.

Gaborik clearly put on the brakes, but had no place to go to avoid bumping Brodeur. The rule states that if an opposing player is shoved into the goalie and the puck goes in, it’s a good goal.

The problem with the call is that it just happens too often at too big a times throughout the NHL. The referees are constantly guilty of directly affecting the results of games. All any fan could request of a referee is to just get it right. Far too often, they just don’t.

Head coach John Tortorella declined to comment, but both Gaborik and Henrik Lundqvist both questioned the call, with The King going as far as to say Brodeur sold the shove well.

Is that the Rangers lost the game? No, it wasn’t. Their powerplay continues to not have a pulse — though they had some chances late — and to his credit, Brodeur played well. But that call did prevent the Rangers from at least leaving Madison Square Garden with a point, and possibly two.

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One Response to Bad Call Costs Rangers, Fall 1-0 to Devils

  1. maw says:

    coaches should be able to throw a flag like football or demand replay…that call was horiffic

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