Del Zotto, Kopecky Fine $2,500

In the final 10 seconds of last night’s 4-1 win over the Florida Panthers, Rangers defenseman Michael Del Zotto got physical with Florida’s Tomas Kopecky. The 21-year-old defenseman cross-checked the forward, who retaliated with what was clearly a sucker-punch to Del Zotto’s head.

A melee ensued, leading Mike Rupp raining punches down on Kopecky and thus Rangers fans really getting behind Rupp for the first time this season.

The scrum resulted in fines to both Del Zotto and Kopecky getting fined the league maximum $2,500, though it is difficult to understand how both were given equal penalties. Del Zotto definitely got his stick up, but Kopecky downright leveled him with a punch when Del Zotto was not looking, dropping the defenseman to the ground.

Rangers coach John Tortorella said Kopecky “got what he deserved” from Rupp, and many feel the same way.

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