Avery Clears Waivers, Tortorella Responds to Thornton “Soft” Comment

As expected, forward Sean Avery cleared re-entry waivers today at noon and will join the team tomorrow in Greenburgh for practice. There were some late rumors circulating that the New York Islanders would put a claim in for him, but it was just that: a rumor.

No word yet if Avery will be in the lineup, as coach John Tortorella hinted he’s a little reluctant to change the lineup after the team’s most productive game of the season last night, a 5-2 win over the San Jose Sharks.

Speaking of Tortorella and the Sharks, the head coach had a more spirited response to Joe Thorton‘s comments last night where he called the Rangers a “soft” team. “We played some good teams, and I think we probably should have beat these guys, to be honest with you,” Thornton said.

Last night Tortorella was very short, saying “Wonderful.” Today, though, he was a bit more heated. “Yeah it caught me off-guard when it was brought up after the game,” Tortorella said at the team’s Greenburgh practice facility Tuesday morning. “It surprised me, and I’ve never heard a player say that. Joe’s a heck of a player, but here’s a player popping off about our team, and Joe hasn’t won a g–damn thing in this league. He could go down as a player, being one of the better players in our league never to win anything. So what he should do is just shut up. It was uncalled for, it was classless, and I’ve never had it happen like that before.”

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