Simmonds Talks to NHL Over Gay Slur

No game thoughts from last night because I didn’t see the whole game. Sadly, real life got in the way and I wasn’t able to watch the game in its entirety. But, I did see what was worth watching.

By now, we’ve all heard Sean Avery‘s not-so allegedly  accusing Flyers‘ winger Wayne Simmonds of using a gay slur at him on the ice last night. I won’t repeat it here, but it’s pretty easy to find it on the Internet.

Simmonds hasn’t denied to admitted to anything, but did play the “It’s Sean Avery” card, so we should never believe a word he says. Today, though, Simmonds spoke with NHL VP Colin Campbell about the situation.

According to the NY Post,Simmonds said “nothing has been decided,” but didn’t rule out that punishment could be headed his way.

“[Campbell] asked me if I called him a gay slur and I said no,” Simmonds said. “I said a lot of other things, but that wasn’t one of them. There are a lot of things I said to him- and obviously I’m not going to repeat them- but I didn’t say that to him.”

Last week Simmonds was the butt-end of a racial prank when a fan in London, Ont., threw a banana at him during a shootout.

Let’s be real. It’s obvious he’s lying. The video has never lied, and it’s certainly not starting now. Simmonds said what he said. There is no reason for Avery to lie and throw Simmonds under the bus. Avery exchanges words with everyone on the ice on a daily basis and has never brought up something like this before. 

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