Sather: Rangers Will Win Cup

The NHL today formally announced the 2012 Winter Classic will be played between the New York Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers on Jan. 2 at Citizen’s Bank Park in Philadelphia. During his speech, Rangers GM Glen Sather took the time to take some shots against the Philadelphia faithful on hand, and make a Mark Messier-like statement on behalf of his team, as well as the New York Yankees.

“At end of year we are going to be carrying Cup just like Yankees will (win) World Championship,” Sather said, which was received with some boos. He also brought up his Edmonton Oiler teams “kicking the hell” out of the Flyers in the 1980s.

Bold statements by Sather. More than Messier, he pulled a Rex Ryan. I don’t think he was as serious in his claims as Mr. Rex, but none the less, I don’t think anyone was expecting that. Personally, I like it. Definitely adds something to the game (as if it needed more), and shows Sather thinks he has a team that can contend in the Eastern Conference.

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