Anisimov MRI Negative, Sauer Still Hurting

As excited as Rangers fans across the globe were today at the start of training camp today, it wasn’t without it’s scares. Both Artem Anisimov and Michael Sauer were held off the ice for head coach John Tortorella‘s infamous skate tests.

Anisimov complained of pain in his knee and it was discovered during his physical. He was taken to a hospital for an MRI, which came back negative, obviously good news for the Rangers, who expect Anisimov to take another big step in his second season as the team’s second-line center.

As for Sauer, he was experiencing tendonitis in his knee. Tortorella said it was a “concern” but it isn’t “anything serious.” Either way, bad news for the Rangers, and Sauer for that matter. Sauer is still a young kid, and really has a history of injuries. He’s had knee surgery and hip issues and is still just in his early 20s. 

I don’t expect the Anisimov ‘injury’ to be much, especially with the negative MRI. Maybe it’s just an excuse to avoid the first day of the grueling skate tests, although the players will still have to do it. 

As for Sauer, this isn’t good news. After the great season he had last year, it would be a shame to get this season started on the wrong foot. He’s got a history of injuries which have prevented him from making an impact on this team prior to last season. Although probably not major, it’s these minor set-backs that make organizations wonder if you’re a cornerstone to the franchise, and to the winner the Rangers are now building. Obviously Sauer is still expected to be on the team, but if something happens, it could open the door wide open for either Tim Erixon or Michael Del Zotto, the two front-runners for the final defensive slot.

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  1. […] good to see all these injuries this early in training camp. I’ve already discussed Anisimov and Sauer, but not good to see Staal out with an injury like that. Concussion are so hard to gauge and treat, […]

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