Prospect City Tournament and the Return of Hockey

Well folks, it’s nearly mid-September and that means hockey is on its way. The first leg of the season starts tonight, when the Traverse City Prospects Tournament gets underway. The New York Rangers will face-off agains the St. Louis Blues at 7 p.m.

Here are the lines (along with jersey numbers) for tonight’s game, courtesy of Newsday:

  1. Shane McColgan (83)/ Ryan Bourque (60)/ Christian Thomas (58)
  2. Carl Hagelin (62)/ J.T. Miller (47)/ Randy McNaught (76)
  3. Jason Wilson (48)/ Jon Audy-Marchessault (84)/ Tommy Grant (59)
  4. Kale Kerbashian (70)/ Andrew Yogan (49)/ Tayler Jordan (61)
On defense
  1. Jyri Niemi (75)/ Dylan McIlrath (73)
  2. Tim Erixon (53)/ Blake Parlett (89)
  3. Collin Bowman (85)/ Peter Ceresnak (87)
  4. Lee Baldwin (63)/ Samuel Noreau (79)
  1. Jason Missiaen (98)
  2. Scott Stajcer (96)
Like all Rangers fans, I’m pretty excited about the tournament, and even more excited that MSG is televising the games.Tonight is the first game, with another slated for tomorrow night at 6 p.m., and Tuesday at 3:30 p.m. If the team makes it that far, a placement game is set for Wednesday, with a time to be determined.
The players I’m most excited to watch throughout the tournament are the obvious ones: Bourque, Thomas, Erixon, McIlrath and Hagelin. These five are expected to have bright futures with the Rangers someday, and getting to see them live for the first time is great. Newsday’s Steve Zipay say he believes Bourque will be named captain of the squad.
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