Battery Charges Against Avery Dropped

According to the ever-reliable TMZ, the battery chargers against Sean Avery have been dropped. Avery was accused of shoving an officer on August 5 after authorities were called due to noise at his home in the Hollywood Hills. He was taken into custody and was released on $20,000 bail.

TMZ reports it was all a misunderstanding. The celebrity gossip website claims Avery didn’t actually shove an officer, and that the cop’s foot was stuck in Avery’s door, and that story is backed by several witness testimonies.

Avery was also accused of calling the officers “Fat little pigs,” but that hasn’t been retracted.

So what does this mean for Avery on the ice with coach John Tortorella? It really shouldn’t have met anything in the first place, whether the accusations were true or not. Players in this league, and others, have gotten into a lot worse trouble than what Avery found himself in. Ed Belfour was charged with a misdemeanor for being drunk, and then Atlanta Thrashers’ star Dany Heatly killed teammate Dan Snyder because he was driving his car recklessly.

I can’t imagine this now, especially after the latest developments, playing against Avery in a month’s time when training camp opens up. It will still come down to his play on the ice. Having the charges dropped, though, goes a long was for his social standing with celebrities and socialites.

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