Crosby May Not be Ready for Season

The favorite to win the Atlantic division this year has to be the Pittsburgh Penguins. The team nearly won the thing last year without Evgeny Malkin and captain Sidney Crosby, both out with injuries. But with both back this year, there’s no reason the Pens can’t have a bounce-back season. What? Sid the Kid may not be healthy at the start of the season?

According to Josh Rimer, a producer for XM NHL Home Ice, Crosby won’t be ready to start the 2011-12 season which is about seven weeks away.

“Hearing from 3 sources now that Sidney Crosby won’t b ready 2 start season,” said Rimer in a Tweet. “I hope it’s not true because the NHL needs its best players!”From an NHL standpoint, the news surely isn’t great, but maybe this will force the NHL to promote players not named Sidney or Alex? Have to make lemonade from lemons, and this could be beneficial to other players and teams in the NHL who don’t employee either of these teams.

Crosby, whose season ended following a hit from Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman Victor Hedman, resumed his on-ice workouts last month, and there have been no other reports stating the superstar shutting down his training schedule because of post-concussion symptoms.

Of course no player would admit it, but having Crosby out or at below 100 percent clearly helps every team that doesn’t play in Pittsburgh.

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