Rangers Interested in Weber?

Okay, maybe not, but Mitch Beck at Howlings.net said the Rangers have enough young talent to make a pitch for Nashville’s star defenseman Shea Weber, who has gone to arbitration with the Preds after both teams couldn’t reach an agreement on a new contract.

Beck says the Rangers should offer a package of Dan Girardi, Ryan McDonagh, Michael Sauer, Wojtek Wolski and a draft pick. Sheesh!

Beck’s reasoning is the Rangers have such a plethora of young defensive talent coming down the pipeline, making these players expendable, including Tim Erixon, Michael Del Zotto, Dylan McIlrath and Pavel Valentenko, who Beck said has a shot from the point comparable to Boston’s Zdeno Chara.

Weber, 25, is a world-class defenseman who is strong in both ends of the ice, and would make a great top pair with Marc Staal. He would bring the Rangers offense from the blue line, something they are currently starved for, but could improve if Del Zotto returns to his rookie season form. Weber notched 16 goals and 48 points last season with the Predators.

It could be my attachment to these players, but this trade seems outrageous in my opinion. Of course, this is also just one man’s opinion and has no real stock in the real-world. I do agree Girardi is expendable with the young players coming up, but losing three top defenseman, including two of the brightest young players on the roster is too rich for my blood.

Weber would no doubt help this team, but if Valentenko pans out the way Beck believes he could, the team’s offensive woes could be cured without having to trade for Weber. Let’s not forget, Weber will command a huge contract, as talks of him asking Nashville for $8.5 million is just ludicrous. Do the Rangers have the money to even support a contract like that?

Would the Predators let their superstar go even for a trade like this? In the decade-plus since the organization was created, how many genuine superstars have come through the Predators’ system? What would that say to the fan base?

Again, this is obviously one man’s trade scenario, but it seems more fit for NHL 12 than real-life. The best thing to take from this if you’re a Rangers fan is that this team is set on the back-end for years to come.

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2 Responses to Rangers Interested in Weber?

  1. Alex says:

    As I said to you on twitter Matt, I’m not sure that kind of package would even peak the Preds’ interest purely because they don’t need 3 defenseman coming back for Weber. With Ellis, Blum & Josi to come (and Suter, Klein and Co already on the blueline) I just think other teams would beat that offer out by giving up scoring instead — something the Preds do need in spades. The other issue, of course, is that Wolski’s a huge wildcard depending on what day of the week it is so even the one forward isn’t a guaranteed to produce. Beck’s proposal works for the Rangers, sure, but it doesn’t really address the Preds issues. it’s quantity… just not the right kind I wouldn’t think.

  2. Matt Calamia says:

    I agree with you, Alex. No way the Preds give up a superstar defenseman for three up-and-coming defenseman (aside from Girardi) who for the most part, are unproven. I don’t think Weber helps the Rangers much more than that combo does anyway. I do think Girardi becomes expendable, and possibly as soon as this season depending on Valentenko, because I believe he is the top prospect in the system, of course dependent on Erixon and MDZ making the team out of camp

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