New MSG Brings Fans Closer


A preview of the zoo-like Delta Sky360

A story today on Pro Hockey Talk mentioned that the renovations taking place at Madison Square Garden this summer will brings fan closer, at least some of them.

The World’s Most Famous Arena will be introducing the “Delta Sky360 Club,” which will allow 800 lucky (and rich) Rangers and Knicks season ticket holders the chance to watch both teams leave the locker room and entree the ice before the other 17,000-plus fans do.

The fans and players will be separated by a glass window, making the area a zoo-type experience. The fans will also be able to view the MSG Network area for pre and post-game interviews, as well as the intermission reports. Great for big Al Trautwig fans. 

“We obviously gutted the whole place so we had an opportunity to do what we wanted,” said Hank Ratner, president and CEO of Madison Square Garden. “We did surveys and fans, not surprisingly, told us they wanted to get closer. So we did this.”

Semi-great idea for well-off fans to take advantage of, but doesn’t do much for anyone else. Let’s be honest, sports are moving away from the true fans in favor of those with bigger check books. More than likely, fans reading this blog who are real Rangers fans will not be able to enjoy these new features, but I can’t fault MSG for adding the perk.

I’m a huge fan of the “old” MSG, going as far as to say I wish they’d leave the building alone. But it isn’t up to me, and from what they’ve shown in artist renditions and plans, the new arena seems like it is going to be a great place to watch a hockey game. Sadly, it’s going to be difficult to afford to get in.

Check out the video I posted of 90 second time-lapse of the renovation going on in MSG.

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