Sather Voices Nassau Coliseum Support

Two weeks ago, several current and former New York Rangers players voiced their support for a new Nassau Coliseum that will be voted on Monday in the county. Today, Rangers’ GM Glen Sather gave his opinion on the matter as well.

“The rivalry that has existed between the Rangers and Islanders for almost 40 years is one of the best in hockey and in all of sports. “The intense passion and emotion involved in these games is something we cherish and would like to see continue for generations to come. We urge Rangers fans, Islanders fans and all hockey fans in Nassau County to vote yes for the referendum on Monday, August 1″.

Sather has a history of big games at the Coliseum, especially as a member of the Edmonton Oilers organization, when Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier and company first lost to the Islanders in the 1983 Stanley Cup Finals. The Oilers returned the following year and defeated the Islanders in five games to capture the organization’s first Stanley Cup championship.

Good by Sather and the entire organization urging fans to vote “Yes.” Although Rangers fans speak of how funny it would be if the Islanders re-located, it would be bad for New York hockey, which is struggling as is. Its an annual tradition for Rangers fans to pack the Coliseum in the three games played there each year, and Rangers fans would no-doubt miss it.

What is the consensus? Will the vote pass? Is it good for hockey in the Metro area?

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