UPDATED: Aaron Boogaard Arrested for Drug Posession

According to the Associated Press, Aaron Boogaard, the brother of former Ranger and Minnesota Wild player Derek Boogaard who died in May, was arrested on suspicion of possessing illegal prescription pills the night of his brother’s death.

According to AP, Aaron Boogaard, 24, was arrested yesterday on a narcotics charge. He was held without bail in the Hennepin County Jail in Minneapolis. Aaron’s attorney said the arrest has “nothing to do with his bother Derek Boogaard’s death.”

The Star Tribune of Minneapolis reported records list Aaron, who was also drafted by the Wild in 2004, as being arrested on suspicion of prescription fraud and possession of prescription pills, though he was not immediately charged.

Derek’s May death was found to be cause by an accidental mix of alcohol and the painkiller oxycodon. His family released information he had struggled with addiction.

Updated: July 22, 4:20 p.m.

According to the Star Tribune in Minneapolis, accusations claim Aaron Boogaard controlled brother Derek’s addictive drugs before flushing the pills down the toilet prior to authorities finding his brother’s body.

Aaron has been charged with third-degree sale of controlled substances, a felony, and interference with a death, a gross misdemeanor. He posted bond Friday afternoon but remains in jail because U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has placed a hold on the Regina, Saskatchewan-native for suspected immigration violations. Boogaard is scheduled to appear Monday in Hennepin County District Court.

According County Attorney Mike Freeman, Aaron kept Derek’s non-prescribed, illegal drugs and would divvy them out on a limited basis.

“It’s a tragic situation,” said Freeman. “The family has already suffered a significant loss. That doesn’t diminish the fact that it’s wrong–and in this case it was tragic– for him to give him that drug.” The drugs found in Derek’s body after he was found dead May 13 was Percocet, OxyContin and oxycodone along with alcohol. Aaron has not been charged with manslaughter.

Aaron admits to giving Derek oxycodone before he went to a nightclub with friends the day prior to his death. According Aaron, Derek planed to go on a “binger” and celebrate being released from a chemical-dependency treatment center.

The story just keeps getting worse, and a family’s suffering continues to mount. Sad to see Derek celebrate with a night on the town after getting through treatment.

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