Eminger Likely Back, Dubinsky Headed to Arbitration?

This is clearly the dead time of the summer. Most free-agency is finished, and its not quite training camp or Traverse City tournament. Finding stuff to write about can be barron.

Larry Brook at the New York Post tweeted the Rangers are targeting defenseman Steve Eminger for a second season on Broadway. Eminger was pretty solid last season as a sixth and seventh defenseman, bouncing from the third defensive pair and the press box. Offense clearly isn’t the brightest bullet point on Eminger’s resume, as he registered two goals and six points in 65 games last season.

The team is looking for a veteran defensive presence, and although Eminger has bounced around throughout his NHL career, becoming more of a journeyman than anything, he’ll help out the young players on the team.

Brooks’ second tweet today said the Rangers and Brandon Dubinsky appear to be heading towards arbitration this Thursday. Dubinsky, 25, lead the team in goals, assists and points last season. It is believed his is looking for a long-term contract hovering around $4 million per.

Is he worth it? I think he can be, but he finished with just 54 points last season, and continues to be extremely streaky. He’s the type of player who will score three goals in four games, and then will go 11 games without one. This inconsistency has to end if he wants to get paid the big bucks.

Finally, Brooks said talks continue with Callahan, as the team has one week before his arbitration day on July 28.

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