Brad Richards Q&A With the NY Post

Brad Richards

The New York Post’s Steve Serby sat down with Brad Richards for a Q&A session. Here are some of the highlights.

– On playing in the New York market: “It’s gonna be a different animal, I’m not gonna lie to you. It’s not the same as playing in Tampa or Dallas.” He said his experience playing in the Olympics for Canada in 2010 and playing in Game 7s have made him a high-pressure player.

– On winning in New York and if he doesn’t, would it be a failure?: “There is one thing I want to do here, and that’s win. Torts and I have talked about that, if there’s one place you could win this would be the great place to do it so.” “Wherever I finish my career, it won’t be unfulfilling, it won’t be a failure…but I can tell you that no matter what, I want to win another one. It’d be amazing to do it here.”

– Are the Rangers close to winning?: “Yeah, I think they’re very close…This team from the outside looking in would be close than people have thought about our team in Tampa the year we won. So you don’t know.”

Richards recalled his first career game at Madison Square Garden, and going head-to-head against Mark Messier in the faceoff circle. “I got two assists that game,” said Richards. “It was a pretty nice moment for me, pretty cool moment.”

Richards goes on to talk about winning the Cup in 2004 as a rookie, watching the Rangers win in 1994, Sean Avery, his superstitions and his various charities, including the one he set up for his cousin who died at seven-years-old of brain cancer.


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