Prospal Optimistic on Return to Rangers

Jesse Spector over at the New York Daily News included this sound-bite from break-up day of Vinny Prospal’s plans for skipping the World Championships to attempt to heal up and prepare for another possible return to the Rangers in 2011-12.

“Hopefully I’ll be back here. This is a fun team to play on, and I would like to continue here. … One of the reasons I said no to the world championships was just to make sure – I’ll train as much as possible to strengthen, and make sure there is enough strength in the leg that I can play as many games as possible. I don’t really intend to go through what I went through last year, when it gave up on me after the first couple of days in training camp. That’s what it is, because I’m not 26 years old.”

Vinny is right. He’s not 26 anymore and Tortorella seems to really be preaching the youth on this team moving forward, now more than ever during his tenure behind the Rangers’ bench.

After Prospal returned from injury, he played fairly well and scored some big time goals [game against Bruins and Game 4 come to mind], but was also inconsistent at times. Many have said for the low asking price the Rangers should re-up him, but I say no. I even thought after last season they should have cut ties with him, but what do I know?

Prospal is a year older now and his knee just isn’t getting any better. It is time to part ways. Not having Prospal return opens up a slot [and cash] for other younger, healthier players to join the club. Thanks for the contributions, Vinny, but it’s time to move on.


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