Tortorella: “We Need to Add Some Skill”

Well, it’s break-up day for the New York Rangers, and posted an uplifting quote from head coach John Tortorella on the future of the team that he will be coaching for what looks like the next three seasons.

At Monday’s break-up day Rangers head coach John Tortorella had this to say of his club: “I don’t have a crystal ball, but I know we are doing it the right way. There’s a group of people we believe are the core, but you are also always trying to improve your team, and I’m sure Glen (Sather) is going to be doing that during the summer. You can’t put a timetable (on developing the team), but you need to stay with it and not get impatient with it. I think we have a really good foundation…but I think if we can, and it’s there, we need to add some skill to our lineup.”

The future is bright, Ranger fans. If you went into this post-season expecting to make noise, you were gravely mistaken. Right now, you have to look at this team and organization as a whole in the big picture. They have their young core of players that are just going to get better and better.

Like Torts said, they need more skill. Right from the get-go this season, this team was largely made up of third and fourth-line players with little-to-no pure skill. Sure, they got by on their hard-word and grit, but as we saw in the five-game defeat at the hands of the Washington Capitals, that can only get you so far before talent has to shine.

It is going to be an interesting summer for the New York Rangers, that’s for sure. But now, more than any time in the past decade, they are moving in the right direction.

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